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cm_het's Journal

Criminal Minds Het Fic
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Hello and welcome to cm_het. This was created because of the lack of het CM fic..and the fact that it seems to be quite hard to find-it is out there! So please be inspired to post and to comment and generally have CM related high jinks!

Some Q and As:

* What is this community for?
This community is for Criminal Minds het fiction - any pairing from the show is welcome, any rating etc..as long as it is not slash. There are other places to post slash fiction in such as cm_slash please use one of those. (I have nothing against slash btw, I just like het)

* What are the rules?

Rule #1 is no advertising! This includes pimping your community or any other announcements that are OT and not fanfic!

Rule #2 is that all stories must to be posted under a cut (for information on how to do a cut tag, refer to the FAQ.) If you put the title of your work in the subject I can add it to the memories easily and we can have a nice ordered archive worthy of the BAU ;-)

Rule #3 No flaming, play nice babies or you'll make Dr Reid cry.

* Posting template
You don't have to use this, but it makes life easier mebbe:


GENERAL DISCLAIMER: We don't own Criminal Minds, or any of its associated characters, plots, scripts or episodes. We're not making any money off the fiction posted to this community; we write for the love of the show and its characters, so please don't sue us!